"You Are What You Time" a Whole New Approach to Time Management

Being half a century in age, I have given the subject of time management a lot of thought. I am endlessly fascinated, entertained, and humbled by it. As an entrepreneur, I have often speculated~ “If only I could bottle and market it, I would be richer than Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola put together!” I would be Deborah Nelson, the original time-bottler, a Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Martha Stuart, all rolled into one. I would be the wealthiest person ever to walk the earth-even more wealthy than Solomon who was granted wisdom and wealth by God. But who can bottle time? It is a rebellious demon wretch. Nothing less than a life long quest could put that Genie into a bottle, and it would take none one less than God Himself to do it.

Time Ticks Me Off!

Time causes problems. When you need something in a hurry, there’s an instant shortage. Tempers flair. Road Rage is born, car wrecks happen, sirens scream, dangerously challenging the bounds of time even further. Time seems uncooperative. Whether you are waiting for a teenager to come home from a party, a late arrival to show up, or simply caught in a daily traffic jam, time ticking off, ticks us off!

But my purpose is not to complain even though time seems to get the brunt of all our complaints. “I didn’t have enough time,” “Our marriage is on the rocks because we don’t have time for each other.” Teacher, I didn’t finish my homework, because I ran out of time.” “My checks bounced because I didn’t get the deposit to the bank on time.” Time gets all of our excuses doesn’t it? Time really ticks us off.

You Are What You Eat?

We have all heard the expression, “You are what you eat,” but I would argue–You are what you spend your time on. “A Nick in Time saves nine.” “Time Heals All Wounds.” “Time waits for no one.” “Time Will Tell.” “Time is Money.” All these are powerful expressions about Time. How we use our time says a lot about who we are doesn’t it? If we want to make a difference in our entrepreneurial and personal life, we need to be honest and admit, “We are what we Time.”

You may wonder, how is Deborah Nelson qualified to give these tips? Surely the experts, Covey, Franklin, and Mr. Day Timer have already done it with their expert time management systems. However, I have wrestled with time as a 24/7 single parent, an entrepreneur, a writer, a homeowner supporting a daughter in a private art college, and as a woman living in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Having had less time and far more challenges than the average person, I have experimented and implemented all the Time Management methods of the day, finding them to be inadequate for my particular life challenges.

Graduating from Time Management to Time Prosperity

I love the expression; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I finally had to admit that I was not a good time manager. I was doing the same thing over and over again and not getting different results. For Example, I was chasing time, and time was running out on me. I was twenty minutes late to everything, and after trying linear time management for many frustrating years; I was still 10 minutes late to everything. Not good enough.

I had to do something different. I was trying to manage, chase, and conquer time. I had made an enemy of it and I was losing. It was a process, but now I have learned to become a leader of, friend, and partner; and discovered Time Prosperity! Here are 3 Time Prosperity Tips for your to begin this journey. I hope even one of them will transform your relationship with Time. It a whole new way of thinking about it.

Time Prosperity Tip #1:

You can make time your enemy or you can become friends with your it. Think about it, honestly, is Time Your Enemy or Your friend?

Time Prosperity Tip #2

You can chase time, making it run away from you, or you can walk with time side by side. Are you chasing time away, or are you walking with time?

Time Prosperity Tip #3

Time is our most powerful and precious resource-more powerful than money, love, health, and space. How do you perceive time? Is it a Thief, or is it a Gift?

Time in a bottle? I haven’t done that yet. But making friends with time is a great start. My quest now is to tell everyone who will listen how to graduate from time management to time prosperity…Because, “You are What You Time!”

Source by Deborah Catherine Nelson

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