Will Etherum Be The New Economic Boom In Crypto?

In 2014, the American Bitcoin (BTC) Conference made Ethereum (ETH) a subject of great attention. One can see the neverending contrast between the first ever virtual currency and Ethereum (ETH) itself. Both are pretty much superior from different aspects but which one is more remunerative from an investors point of view. So,  we’ll see who wins the race, Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik Buterin. The virtual currencies have an age gap of 6 years, but despite that gap, their performance has been neck and neck. 

A brief insight into Bitcoin (BTC) 

As per Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin (BTC) is a pure peer to peer electronic cash system. The main objective was to skip the intervention of any financial institution in between the transaction. This electronic payment will not just process with the aid of trusted third parties, but also incur’s minimum transaction cost. Despite being a decentralized authority, it has complete safety and privacy integrated well into its blockchain technology.

Is Ethereum truly, Bitcoin’s greatest ever rival?

A plethora of investors are in a dilemma over which one to support out of the two vigorously growing cryptocurrencies. So far, it has turned out Ethereum (ETH) is the best source for any decentralized applications. Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), it is tamper proof i.e. it cannot be expurgated in any way as it uses the principle of consensus. The major drawback of Bitcoin (BTC) is it’s prolonged downtime, on the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) has zero downtime. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has failed to make it into a Revolutionary cryptocurrency future.

The statistical juxtaposition evidence, ETH to be the upcoming economic boom!

In this rapidly growing Crypto era, Ethereum (ETH) has been infringing upon Bitcoin (BTC) by processing 45% more transactions. Bitcoin transaction takes place in blocks, followed by each block of size 1 megabytes whereas Ethereum’s working principle is based on the gas limit.

The present scenario of Bitcoin suggests it is likely to slow down in the near future. The number of pending transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain accounts from 40,000 to 45,000, whereas Ethereum it’s just two to three hundred.

Unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin doesn’t have any special browser’s (Ethereum launched Mist) for the naive users who are willing to develop and deploy their application on the blockchain.

In conclusion, this rapid mainstream acceptance of Ethereum (ETH) will help lead it to be the upcoming economic boom. A majority of Crypto experts are bullish on Ethereum (ETH) and foresee as being the top cryptocurrency soon.

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