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Historically business and technology development has been at loggerheads with environmental protection. Fortunately, today many companies and Governments are working together towards sustainable technologies and making it a priority on the business agenda.

This is where “cleantech”, for clean technology, comes into the equation. We spoke with Dr. Anton Theuma (CEO) and Edwin Ward (Chairman) at Praestentia CleanTech, who gave us a little more insight into the technology and their journey to date.

Praestentia CleanTech.

Praestentia CleanTech is the world’s first blockchain platform for clean technology with a mission to create and set up a clean marketplace. The aim is to improve trading, knowledge and innovation in the cleantech field, which is growing into a €Trillion sector economy. We will create several trading platforms built on the best practice models, such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube. The world needs a cleantech marketplace, and we are ready to provide it, helping to create a clean future for everyone.


What is ‘clean tech’?

Clean tech is short for clean technology: technology that aims to address and solve environmental and climate change issues. This means that instead of using “bad tech” – technology that damages the environment – we do everything we can to replace it with cleaner solutions, to reduce the carbon footprint involved as well as harmful by-products.

Cleantech companies, ours included, leverage the power of technology to solve the world’s climate, environment and energy problems. Companies like ours span a variety of sectors: solar, wind, ethanol, biomass, geothermal, water purification, electric vehicles, energy storage, software, materials, data, and more.


How are you creating a B2B and B2C cleantech marketplace?

The company Praestantia CleanTech was set up in October 2018 through a partnership between Paragon Europe and BDXAlliance. However, for the last 15 years as Paragon Europe, we’ve been working on innovative projects involving cleantech solutions. Moreover, as Paragon Europe, we’re already established as a leading partner in networks involved in water management, energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions and waste management.

There are many issues to navigate for cleantech inventors and start-ups, as well as more established factors: raising finance, regulation and how capital efficient a cleantech company can be as it scales. Praestantia CleanTech has been launched to help cleantech companies address these issues and factors.


How is this community going to save the world?

Our Praestantia CleanTech platform is there to bring public and private actors into one space. Public funding bridges the gap when promising technologies have not obtained early traction, or to help pilot customers, or facilitate strategic partnerships.

From our experience at the European level of working with innovative technology clusters and hubs that blend funding models, we believe this is the way forward: to bring together the best of breed financial instruments from a range of actors at local, regional and international levels.

When a cleantech company plugs into Praestantia CleanTech, they become part of a powerful network that covers finance, knowledge-sharing, technology sourcing and a primary marketplace. Moreover, it gives cleantech entrepreneurs a view of the competitive landscape and how their tech stacks against other solutions in that space.

We know there’s no single solution to the world’s many environmental problems. After all, the world is huge and its problems complex and many. However, we believe our platform will scale up rapidly into a marketplace to address problems at the local, regional, national and global levels. Saving the world one project at a time.

It’s important also to highlight the incredibly important UN IPCC Special Report that was recently published. It’s a major wake-up call. Sadly, extreme weather events are also reminding us on a repeated basis that we stand on the brink of a precipice. We need to act urgently to be able to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.

As a platform for cleantech, and with the application of new technologies yet to appear – new disruptors to help advance humankind towards the goal of urgently reducing global warming to a maximum of 1.5 °C – we are part of the global effort to safeguard the planet.

We also recognise that a deeply transformative agenda is vital and must include full decarbonisation of many sectors – energy, buildings, transport, industry, agriculture. It also requires accelerated disruptive innovation and capital focused on the long-term, and a mechanism to address the social consequences of change so that our planet can move to sustain life for generations to come.

Such action requires rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society. Through Praestantia CleanTech we’re setting up the community to help to solve these challenges for future generations.


Any projects you have in the pipeline?

Paragon Europe is responsible for 250 innovative and collaborative projects yearly. These projects involve the best and most brilliant minds involved in tackling climate change issues, ranging from creating cleaner energy mixes for electric grids, through cleaner mobility solutions using hydrogen fuel solutions, as well as cleaner alternatives to pesticides in the agro-food industry.

The Praestantia CleanTech community will also offer various platforms through which supply and demand transactions will take place, involving technology offers on one side and technology demands on the other. For example, a water management company in East Africa requires the latest technology in drip irrigation technologies for crops to reduce its water usage by 90%; doing so would mitigate its carbon footprint and costs related to water use.

The EU has committed €300 billion in funding to contribute to climate objectives until 2027. That’s the backstop and opportunity to de-risk private investment and stimulate new technologies to address our climate challenges. We’re certain our approach is radically different from anything done in the past and we’re convinced our work will create a precedent. We believe Praestantia CleanTech is set to become a defining force in driving the net zero carbon economy.


Thank you, Dr. Anton and Edwin! Looking forward to seeing many more projects that aim to preserve the world we live in.


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