Emini Futures Trading and Countertrend Methodologies

Most traders that have spent anytime in the financial markets have heard the phrase, “the trend is your friend”, and would agree this is sage advice. However, there are people that pursue emini futures trading with a contrarian view on the markets and utilize countertrend methods, opposed to the crowd. It should be understood, while countertrend trading can be profitable, it is risky and should only be implemented once a trader has a thorough grasp on market dynamics.

Most traders utilizing countertrend methods is by fading small moves above their last signal. If a market is moving upward, the trader will execute a trade on a percentage basis above the prior signal and sell short to profit on small pullbacks before the market resumes the prevailing upward trend. In the reverse, the trade will execute buy orders on small rallies based on a percentage move below the prior signal.

Other traders will use oscillators to time their trades, only initiating trades in severely over-bought or over-sold conditions, betting the market will reverse in an effort to catch it’s breath after a big rally or sell-off. This method is marginal at best and is based more on luck rather than technical analysis especially in strongly trending markets. Using this method in a range bound and sideways market will yield better results.

Other traders will use market timing in conjunction with “contrary opinion” to time their entry and exit points. This method of countertrend trading should only be reserved for veteran traders that have spent years studying the markets and testing strategies. Emini futures trading utilizing contrarian methods is best implanted as a trading method when small gains are the desired outcome. Seldom will big moves be captured using a countertrend method since it goes against the current trend. Scalp traders are prime candidates to use countertrend methods since they are primarily looking for only a few points on each trade.

Source by Doug Fisher

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